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Greg’s passion for fitness and 15+ years as a successful entrepreneur was the driving factor in 2016 to bring F45 Training to Atlanta. He graduated with honors from Messiah College with a dual degree in Business and Computer Science. Right out of college he started his own internet based business selling performance upgrade parts for Nissans and was even featured in the movie “Fast and the Furious”. In June 2017 F45 Training Buckhead opened and quickly became the hottest fitness studio in Atlanta. This success has motivated Greg to open 14 more F45 studios in Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas and Nashville over the next 3 years. You can find him jumping into class 6 days a week or around the studio chatting with members. He loves to interact with his members and ensure they are having the best workout experience possible. Be sure to say hi to Greg next time you’re in the studio.

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Felippe has a strong business background coming from the corporate world and having been a Sr. Vice President of a large multi-national company for many years and also a director at the Coca-Cola company at a young age. Felippe has a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy from Georgia Tech and switched gears from the environmental to the fitness industry when he and Greg decided to jump into the F45 franchise world. Felippe and Greg have worked together for over 10 years and for 3 different companies before they started with F45. Felippe lives in Miami with his wife and 2 young boys.



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Alana-Lead Trainer

Our talented Ukrainian head trainer leads our amazing team of coaches ensuring our trainers all maintain the highest standards and provide the best workout experience for each member. Alana has worked in fitness industry for almost 30 years. Graduated as Choreography Major at Culture Collage and also a Master Degree in Physical Education at Pedagogical University in Ukraine. She started her fitness journey as Trainer-Choreographer of Rhythmic Gymnastics School in 1988 and continued her fitness career as an owner of Fitness Studio called "V-STEP". Shortly after, Alana worked as a producer and host of TV program called "FITNESS CLASS". Since Alana moved to the U.S. she has worked at NYSC, Gold Gym, Planet Fitness, BodyFlex, Urban Active, LA Fitness , Head Coach of OrangeTheory Fitness. Her unique personality and passion for seeing her members obtain their fitness goal makes her stand out from any other trainer you ever met.

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Brittany received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree from Georgia Southern University in 2014 and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Emory University in 2018. Brittany is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is currently working towards obtaining her Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) certification. When she is not in the studio teaching classes, she works as a full time Physical Therapist at Emory Orthopedics and Spine Center treating a wide variety of orthopedic injuries. Brittany has always been extremely passionate about fitness and loves watching her members grow and reach their goals

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Mark Cuevas is a former collegiate athlete turned NASM certified personal trainer. Fitness has always been a part of his life and now as his career. Mark has worked at places such as American Body Works, LA Fitness, Titanz Gym and Muscle Milk. His leadership experience in sports successfully translates to F45’s team-oriented style of training here at F45. With a high energy and motivating style coaching, Mark will surely be able to deliver a highly efficient and entertaining class especially during those super early morning classes when its needed most.

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Hannah received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University. Hannah is a ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer, and also received her current nutrition coaching certification through precision nutrition. Hannah was a competitive CrossFit athlete for 3 years, and received her CF-L1 & L-2 certification while participating in the sport. Hannah has been working with all types of individuals in the fitness industry since 2008. Not only has she helped several get into shape, but she also has experience in developing individualized training programs for individuals that have suffered from a stroke, cancer, and brain/spinal cord injury.

When Hannah is not in the gym you will find her on the dance floor. She has a huge background in west coast swing, country ballroom, and salsa dancing. At a younger age Hannah was a gymnast for 8 years, so if you see her performing several pull-ups in class you can thank that background. Hannah is very passionate about fitness and loves encouraging you to push past your limit! Oh! You always see her smiling in class, so come prepared for several high fives. Don't be afraid to break out into a dance move while participating in one of Hannahs classes because she will join you.


Stephanie Twum has been training professionally for two years under the Body Design University NASM/ACE affiliate program. She joined the fitness world about six years ago when she signed up for her first beauty pageant, and it changed HER LIFE. Although she cheered in high school, Stephanie did not realize how important it is to take care of her health until her second year of college. Stephanie could not believe that the quality of her life drastically improved when she started to take the necessary steps to take care of her health. To enhance her passion, she decided to attend Body Design University in Spring 2017, to explore her options in becoming a personal trainer. Now, Stephanie is happy to share her passion with others with F45!!

 sales team

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