F45 Training Buckhead offers several membership and class pack options to meet everyone’s busy lifestyle.

Monthly packages:

Recurring Month to Month memberships.  Cancel at anytime by giving 30 days written notice before the next billing date.  Traveling soon?  No worries, memberships can be put on hold for up to 30 days for a $10 fee.

Month to Month Unlimited Classes

$199 per Month


8 Class Per Month Recurring

$149 per Month

8 classes per month, classes do not roll over if not used.  Additional classes over the 8 per month are only $20 each.


3-Months Prepay Unlimited Classes-$537 Payment Every 3 Months

($179 per Month)


6-Months Prepay Unlimited Classes-$1,014 Payment Every 6 Months

($169 per Month)



Class Packages:

Class packs good for one year from date of purchase.

10 Classes-$219

($21.90 per class)


20 Classes-$379

($18.95 per class)


Single Drop-In Class-$27